Monday, June 28, 2004

Eclipse to Pollinate BEA's Beehive

Eclipse to Pollinate BEA's Beehive
SAN FRANCISCO—Although BEA Systems Inc. will not formally join the Eclipse Foundation, the company is moving closer to supporting the organization and its goals.

At the JavaOne conference here this week, BEA, of San Jose, Calif., will announce a new Eclipse Foundation project called Pollinate that will feature Eclipse support for BEA's Beehive technology, which is the open-source version of BEA's WebLogic Workshop Java IDE (integrated development environment) framework.

Dave Cotter, director of product management at BEA, said this agreement does not mean BEA will be joining the Eclipse Foundation, however. He said Instantiations Inc., of Portland, Ore., will head up the Pollinate project.

Pollinate is an open-source incubator project to create an Eclipse-based development environment and tool set that will integrate with Beehive, which BEA submitted to the Apache Foundation. Beehive is an open-source framework for building SOA (service-oriented architecture) and enterprise Java applications. Eclipse provides the development environment and Beehive provides the underlying application framework and run-time.

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