Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Sidebar: Eclipse Director Discusses 3.0 Development Platform

Sidebar: Eclipse Director Discusses 3.0 Development Platform - Computerworld:
JUNE 28, 2004 (COMPUTERWORLD) - The Eclipse Foundation last week announced the launch of Version 3.0 of its open-source development platform -- the first major release since the nonprofit group assumed oversight of the IBM-created technology.

One key new feature is a rich-client framework that will further transform Eclipse 'from a platform for doing tools integration to a platform for doing application construction and integration,' said Mike Milinkovich, the former Oracle Corp. vice president who became the group's executive director on June 1.

Another much-anticipated addition is the integration of Eclipse's Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT) and the Swing components endorsed by the Java Community Process (JCP) that Sun Microsystems created to evolve Java. SWT and Swing are used to build graphical user interfaces, and some vendors cried foul when IBM broke ranks from the JCP with its SWT. The technologies are being integrated for Windows and Linux.

Also this week, Eclipse is releasing new versions of its C and C development tools and its Hyades project for application optimization and verification. 'Many people have the misperception that Eclipse is a Java IDE and that's all,' Milinkovich said in an interview with Computerworld.

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