Monday, July 26, 2004

IBM pledges better tools integration

IBM pledges better tools integration
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida uses IBM's Rational Rose tool for building visual models and RequisitePro for managing application requirements. But the company must manually build links when it wants to share information between the two.

That's due to change by the end of the year, when IBM pledges to provide deeper integration between all of its tools through the 3.0 version of the open-source Eclipse framework that it turned over to an independent management body. With the new edition, users won't have to launch each tool separately. They will be able to park themselves in a single user interface while they work with IBM Rational's tools, and they can customize the setup to see only what they need.

Not only does the workspace promise to be a lot easier on the eyes, but users will be able to drag information from one tool and drop it into another without having to write scripts and export and import files, according to IBM.

"Right now, they're not as tightly integrated, so you have to jump between tools," said Brian Harrington, an IT project manager at Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Jacksonville, Fla.

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