Friday, July 16, 2004

WILOG Readies Free Version of Its Rules Engine. Claims new Eclipse plug-in allows logic to be updated without code tinkering

Claims new Eclipse plug-in allows logic to be updated without code tinkering
Online retailers constantly change the rules that govern their e-commerce applications. But offering short-term promotions, such as giving platinum-level customers a 10 percent discount at checkout, causes headaches for developers, who have to go in and alter the application’s source code accordingly.

To ease that process, ILOG Inc. made available last month a free, scaled-down version of its business rules technology. An Eclipse plug-in, Business Rule Studio Developer Edition is based on the company’s JRules software, launched in 1997, said ILOG’s director of industry marketing, Henry Bowers.

Changes such as discount offers appear trivial, but the tasks associated with them are time-consuming to complete, said Bowers. The developer has to crack open the code, change one or more files, repackage them for deployment, and test the updated application. “Did I break anything? Is the change I made effective?” said Bowers. And the next day, the discount might jump from 10 percent to 15 percent, he said.

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Anonymous said...

I realize the promotions example was just that, an example. But, shouldn't a programmer take that into consideration when creating an application? I mean, that is just common sense. And there are some great e-commerce engines out there already that handle dynamic promotions for customer groups - even some Java based ones like MerchantSpace.

My point is, better examples are often needed to prove the usefullness of a product that costs 20k /per processor.

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