Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Gelato Joins FSG & Ports Eclipse 3.0 to Linux-Itanium

Gelato Joins FSG & Ports Eclipse 3.0 to Linux-Itanium

As part of new membership in Free Standards Group, Gelato makes Eclipse 3.0 usable on Linux-Itanium

* FSG and Gelato Well Aligned The Gelato Federation's been busy this summer. As the newest member of the Free Standards Group, the Linux-Itanium champions join a distinguished body of corporations and non-profits, all adherents of the open-source ideal, all dedicated to strengthening the community with a common set of standards. In fact, Gelato is among friends at FSG, including Gelato's Founding Sponsor, HP, and Gelato's much-anticipated newest sponsor, Intel.

According to Gelato director Mark K. Smith, "Gelato's mission to facilitate the development of open-source software infrastructure for Linux on the Itanium 2 platform is very consistent with FSG's goals to ensure that Linux applications and platforms work together seamlessly. We're delighted to join the community that's coming together around FSG. As a research and user community dedicated to advancing the Linux-Itanium platform, Gelato recognizes the value and, in fact, the necessity of ensuring interoperability in our open-source development efforts. FSG is doing an incredibly important job for the open-source community, and we're proud to be part of that effort. We look forward to extensive interaction with FSG as our members explore additional applications and infrastructure for Linux-Itanium users."

Smith not only lauds the FSG but indicates that Gelato intends to be a proactive member: "All Gelato Members are encouraged to make their Linux-Itanium software compliant with the Linux Standards Base (LSB), the prevailing Linux standard." And that could prove to be a big force in the open-source community, since Gelato now boasts 30+ institutional members who occupy literally dozens of spots on the Top500. The newest one, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, houses the world's largest Itanium cluster, "Thunder," which comprises 1024 quad Itanium processor systems.

"The Gelato Federation's work to advance the Linux Itanium platform is important for the industry," said Jim Zemlin, executive director of the Free Standards Group. "We are thrilled they've become a member of the FSG and will join forces with us to promote Linux standards."

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