Thursday, August 12, 2004

IBM Lotus pair collaboration and programming strengths

IBM Lotus pair collaboration and programming strengths
IBM's Lotus Software group strutted its R&D stuff this week, showing off nascent 'Jazz' team collaboration tools for the Eclipse programming environment.

The Lotus team, working with IBM's Rational group, is building in-context collaboration onto the Eclipse integrated development environment (IDE), said John Patterson, an IBM distinguished engineer.

The project, under way for two years, puts a 'Jazz Band' at the bottom of the Eclipse UI, showing photos of relevant team members, along with icons showing if they are online at any given time. Hovering over the photo is a list of the subject's projects. Clicking on the photo initiates a chat session.

Research Scientist Li-Te Cheng demonstrated live code earlier this week, illustrating how colour coded references show which team member has code checked out.

Changes made to the code are colour coded for tracking purposes. A team manager can also 'look over the shoulder' of any programmer remotely to see what he or she is doing.

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