Monday, August 30, 2004

InferData Offers Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) Training Course

InferData Offers Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) Training Course
InferData Ltd. announced today that they have developed a new training course that utilizes proven accelerated learning techniques, and simply takes the mystery out of creating superior Eclipse version 3.0 plugins.

The Eclipse Foundation describes its focal point as an open platform for tool integration built by an open community of tool providers. Eclipse 3.0 has now also emerged as an excellent platform to build any rich client application. Operating under an open source paradigm, with a common public license that provides royalty free source code and worldwide redistribution rights, the eclipse platform provides tool developers with ultimate flexibility and control over their software technology.

InferData’s Vice President, Petter Graff, commenting on the new course said "The Eclipse Platform is designed for building integrated development environments (IDEs) that can be used to create applications as diverse as web sites, embedded Java programs, C++ programs, and Enterprise JavaBeans. Now with version 3.0, eclipse has become a viable framework for any software application." He added, "Our courses are primarily targeted at software architects and developers. Our new 3-day EMF course complements our existing 5-day eclipse plugin class. The Eclipse Modeling Framework makes it possible for high quality plugins, using the Model Driven Architecture (MDA) approach. Our courses cover the whole spectrum of writing a plugin for the platform. We use a highly hands-on approach, with programming labs constituting about 60 percent of the course content."

Incorporating a comprehensive and compelling introduction to this topic, the Eclipse Modeling Framework course features unique tips and techniques that are used to apply MDA for the benefit of eclipse developers.

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