Tuesday, August 03, 2004

It’s Official: Eclipse Is IBM’s IDE

It’s Official: Eclipse Is IBM’s IDE
August 1, 2004 — Surprise, surprise: IBM Corp. is making its marriage to the Eclipse IDE official.

At its Rational Software Development User Conference (RSDUC), in Grapevine, Texas, IBM was expected to announce on July 19 its continued commitment to integrating its development tools with Eclipse.

Many of the products in its DB2, Rational, Tivoli and WebSphere product lines already work within Eclipse. With the announcement, IBM is formally stating its intention to make version 3.0, announced earlier this summer, the de facto IDE for all its development tools.

“Tightly integrating our products with Eclipse 3.0 will create a consistent user experience across our brands,” said IBM’s Eric Naiburg, market manager for desktop products. Doing so will increase the productivity of teams comprising not only developers who write code, but also analysts (who define requirements), architects (who model applications), testers (who do just that), and administrators (who deploy and manage applications), he said.

Using a single, shared platform, architects, for example, can build models and drive them to the developers, who add to and fine-tune the code generated by those models. Developers, in turn, pass the code on to testers and back to architects, enabling the code to automatically update the models. Naiburg acknowledged that the product capabilities aren’t new. But the connectivity to unify all of the development life-cycle functions under a single user interface is, he said.

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