Thursday, September 16, 2004

Agitar Software Joins Eclipse Foundation

Agitar Software Joins Eclipse Foundation
Agitar Software, the leader in developer testing for the enterprise, today announced it has joined the Eclipse Foundation, a community committed to the implementation of a universal platform for tools integration.

The leading open-source tool development platform, Eclipse is quickly gaining momentum among Java developers as an enterprise-class Integrated Development Environment (IDE). It allows system development, testing, and management tools from multiple vendors to be integrated in a seamless solution.

Agitator(TM), the core of Agitar's enterprise developer testing solution, intelligently exercises Java code to discover its behavior and presents observations to the developer. Developers can convert Agitator's observations into unit tests with a single click, without writing any code. This unique process, called "Software Agitation," helps developers create thorough sets of reusable unit tests. Agitation lets developers edit and enhance their code with confidence, helping them prevent errors as they write or modify their programs.

"Our customers at Global 2000 organizations are embracing the Eclipse development platform and we are committed to supporting their requirements," said Jerry Rudisin, CEO of Agitar. "While Eclipse support is already a feature in our current Agitator solution, we are on a path to delivering a fully-integrated application that allows Java programmers to do coding and unit testing seamlessly from a single IDE."

Agitar's innovative approach to enterprise developer testing offers tremendous benefits to the Eclipse community," said Mike Milinkovich, executive director of Eclipse. "Eclipse is pleased to welcome Agitar as a new member. Unit testing is increasingly important and we believe Agitar will make important contributions in advancing this critical technology."

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