Thursday, September 16, 2004

LynuxWorks Introduces Advanced Eclipse Tool Platform for Next Generation Embedded Designs

LynuxWorks Introduces Advanced Eclipse Tool Platform for Next Generation Embedded Designs
LynuxWorks(TM) Inc. announced today a new enhanced tool set, the Luminosity Integrated Development Environment (IDE), which is based on the popular Eclipse IDE platform. The Luminosity IDE delivers an array of features that provides embedded system developers a simplified, flexible platform to accelerate product time-to-market in the aerospace, telecommunications and military sectors. With the availability of the Luminosity IDE, LynuxWorks extends its existing portfolio of embedded tools to provide developers the widest range of IDEs for their design needs.

Luminosity IDE is a Linux(R) and Solaris(TM)-based IDE powered by the Eclipse platform, giving developers complete control over creating, editing, compiling, managing and debugging C/C++ and Java embedded and real-time applications. Developers can easily select the project wizard to jumpstart development and easily view all process and thread activity taking place on the target through the system viewer.

Luminosity IDE offers a rich set of features that allows developers a variety of programs and options, including the following:

-- Platform Administration - allows users to configure and manage different cross environments with OS targets such as BlueCat(R) Linux for Intel(R) x86 or LynxOS(R) RTOS for PowerPC(R)

-- Target Administration - helps users define the exact hardware target to use

-- Build Engine - provides options for debugging and building final projects

-- Project Wizard - allows users to easily create a project coding framework (C,C+)

-- Kernel Wizard - enables developers to create C projects to build kernels

Luminosity IDE also includes an Eclipse tool bar that allows users to invoke Telnet, FTP, RCP options for communicating between host and target, as well as a variety of debugger options such as GDB (command line debugger), the Total DB (GUI version of GDB), the Total View (proprietary debugger for LynxOS), and the Eclipse Integrated Debugger for graphical debugging with GDB 5.x or higher.

"LynuxWorks is dedicated to extending continued value to embedded system developers and providing the widest range of tools to accelerate time to market of their design projects," said Bob Morris, vice president, sales and marketing for LynuxWorks. "With our new Eclipse platform, developers have another open standard-based platform that is compatible with our entire product line."

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