Thursday, September 16, 2004

LynuxWorks readies Eclipse-based IDE

LynuxWorks readies Eclipse-based IDE
LynuxWorks expects to ship a new development tool in two weeks that will support both its embedded Linux distribution and its proprietary RTOS. Luminosity will be based on the Eclipse framework, and will support Solaris and Linux hosts, along with all target architectures supported by BlueCat Linux and LynxOS.

LynuxWorks first announced development tools based on Eclipse in March, and demonstrated them at the main Embedded Systems Conference (ESC) in San Francisco later that month.

Other commercial embedded Linux vendors selling Eclipse-based IDEs include TimeSys, MontaVista, and Wind River. Wind River's offering is notably similar, in that it supports "any Linux" as well as Wind River's proprietary RTOS VxWorks, providing a unified development environment for companies using both or migrating from one to the other.

LynuxWorks has long marketed the real-time upgrade path provided by its proprietary OS, which features binary compatibility layers for Linux, VxWorks, and other embedded OSes. A unified development environment for both LynuxWorks embedded OSes should help this strategy.

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