Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Intel rev's IA-32 tools -- adds 64-bit extensions, Eclipse IDE, more

Intel rev's IA-32 tools -- adds 64-bit extensions, Eclipse IDE, more
Intel has revised its development tools for IA32, adding support for 64-bit extensions, an Eclipse IDE, improved threading, and more. Intel says the tools, including Compiler 8.1, Integrated Performance Primitives, Math Kernel Library, and VTune Performance Analyzers can be used to create the fastest software possible on the Intel architecture.

64-bit extensions

Intel says the 64-bit features in its most recent tools for IA-32 will help developers design, analyze, and optimize applications for forthcoming Intel platforms that will support Intel's Extended Memory 64 Technology (EM64T, formerly known as 64-bit extensions).

According to Intel, EM64T is an extension to the IA-32 architecture that allows access to larger amounts of memory. The technology will appear in desktop Intel processors "when commensurate operating system support is available," Intel says.

Intel tools that now support EM64T include Compiler 8.1, Integrated Performance Primitives, Math Kernel Primitives, with VTune Performance Analyzers to support EM64T "this year." All support Windows and Linux operating systems, along with Xeon and Pentium 4 processors.

Intel has previously offered similar 64-bit support in its development tools for the 64-bit Itanium 2 processor family, it says.

Other new features

In addition to support for 64-bit extensions, Intel says its Compiler 8.1 includes the Eclipse IDE (integrated development environment), and the C Developers Toolkit for use with the Intel 32-bit C++ compiler.

And, Intel says it has improved the threading and thread-support capabilities of its compiler, and enhanced its Code Coverage Tool and Intel Test Prioritization Tool to speed application testing.

Intel says its professional services division is also ready to help developers add EM64T support to their applications.

"Developers understand that turning 32-bit code into 64-bit code is not easy. Intel offers software developers the expertise and tools for Intel EM64T to make the job easier," said Software Products Division GM Jonathan Khazam.

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