Tuesday, October 19, 2004

MKS Enhances Tools for Eclipse

MKS Enhances Tools for Eclipse

SCM vendor MKS Inc. deepened its commitment to IBM’s and Microsoft’s development environments last month—and offered a glimpse of additional product updates it expects to deliver by January of next year.

The Waterloo, Ontario-based company announced the integration of its process and workflow management offering, Integrity Manager, with Eclipse, Visual Studio and WebSphere Studio Application Developer. Later this year, it plans to integrate that same offering with Telelogic AB’s requirements management tool, DOORS, and with Mercury Interactive Corp.’s testing tool, TestDirector. In addition, MKS plans to deliver its own requirements management tool this year, and by January will launch the next version of its MKS Integrity Suite.

“We have supported Visual Studio and Eclipse/WebSphere for many releases, in terms of [change management tool] Source Integrity, but now we are adding the process management piece,” said Colin Doyle, product manager for MKS Integrity. Process management refers to tasks such as change requests or defect tracking. Using the MKS “WorkTray,” developers on distributed platforms can receive, review and update work assignments, known as tasks, without ever stepping outside of their development environment, Doyle said.

Although some MKS customers also use Integrity Manager to document a project’s requirements, it was not designed to handle heavyweight requirements management, said Doyle. MKS’s plan to integrate Integrity Manager with Telelogic’s DOORS will address that need.

When a developer updates a field that maps to a requirement, that field will be automatically propagated to DOORS, said Doyle. Conversely, if requirements change, those changes will be propagated into Integrity. That lets the developer know: “This task is suspect. You better stop. The requirements have changed,” he said.

Integrity Manager will integrate with Mercury’s TestDirector in a similar bi-directional way, said Doyle. “Unlike Borland, Microsoft, and IBM, we don’t offer soup to nuts,” he said, referring their respective life-cycle development strategies. “We offer core infrastructure.”

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