Monday, October 04, 2004

PODS Overtakes PalmSource IDE

PODS Overtakes PalmSource IDE
Eclipse now the foundation for all Palm OS developer tools

It’s an invasion of IDE snatchers. With the release of Palm OS Developer Suite 1.0, affectionately known within the company as PODS, the Eclipse framework has overtaken PalmSource Inc.’s native development tools for Windows hosts, which as of Sept. 28 can target Palm OS 5 and the newly released Palm OS 6.1. Editions for Linux and Mac OS X development hosts are planned for the future.

“The word PODS sounds like something you would ingest that overtakes you,” admitted John Cook, product marketing manager for Palm OS 6.1. “And that’s how some of the team looks at the tool.”

In addition to the advantages of leveraging the Eclipse framework itself, Cook said developers will get updates faster through its deployment infrastructure. “As we get key new components ready, we don’t have to do a major announcement to deliver them; the Eclipse site will have the updates.”

Developers can target either Palm OS 5 or 6, either individually or as so-called PACE Native Objects (PNOs) that can run on either system. PACE, the Palm Application Compatibility Environment, simulates Palm OS 4 on Motorola’s DragonBall 68000 processor. “The idea was that if you want to develop for existing devices today and look toward native applications for Palm OS 6 using Protein [APIs], you can do that as well as creating PACE native objects compatible with both Garnet and Cobalt,” he said, referring to the code names of Palm OS versions 5 and 6.

PODS also includes an Eclipse plug-in for encapsulating applications inside the installer. “Now developers don’t have to figure out ways to package up their software” to install properly for the target device, said Cook.

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