Saturday, December 25, 2004

Eclipse Latest Test and Performance Tools

Eclipse Latest Test and Performance Tools
The Eclipse Foundation has just in time for Christmas released for free download its first upgrade to its Eclipse Test & Performance Tools Platform (TPTP) aimed at providing devs tools for lifecycle evals of any Eclipse-based project, including apps monitoring, GUI, data collection and even Java tracing.

Eclipse TPTP 3.2 (an evolution of Eclipse's prior 'Hyades' project) is an Open Source collaborative project that seeks to provide "a common platform of commercial quality" upon which specialized, differentiated, and interoperable offerings for software test and performance tools are created.

In specific, TPTP supplies extensible frameworks and services for test and performance tools that are used throughout the application lifecycle, from development through production, and supports a
spectrum of standalone through highly distributed and embedded through
enterprise computing systems. The project also delivers extensible exemplary tools that verify the utility of and illustrate the appropriate use of the platform, and support the development and maintenance of the platform itself.

Eclipse's TPTP 3.2's latest test and performance tool upgrades include:

# Enhanced data collection and communication with additional control over the selection of data-collection agents and information within the user interface;
# Improved statistical analysis representation and viewing;
# Better Java tracing capability;
# Additional documentation and help facilities with improved user help architecture and supporting documents;
# Simplified test deployment with supplementary automation for the creation and running of tests; and
# Improved execution history that collects and makes available added data within the test execution history framework

Continued Eclipse TPTP upgrades have been encouraged by Linux hardware and software platform professionals, including Tyler Thessin, engineering manager for Intel Software Development Products (who is also project lead for the TPTP Project.)

"TPTP has made remarkable progress toward becoming a viable platform choice for Intel performance analysis tools in environments where options are limited such as Linux." Intel's Thessin said in a statement. "Intel is looking forward to further unleashing the power of the TPTP platform and contributing our extensive experience in software performance analysis tools to the industry."

Serge Lucio, senior product manager at IBM Software Group and project lead for the TPTP Tracing and Profiling Tools Project, said of the TPTP 3.2 upgrade, "Over the last two years, TPTP has evolved into a robust platform for the construction of interoperable test and performance tools. TPTP offers a tremendous opportunity across industries to better integrate software quality tools, enabling a continuous verification of quality throughout the application development and deployment lifecycle. Concurrent with this release, IBM/Rational has delivered a brand new set of products that extend TPTP, illustrating our commitment to adopt TPTP across our product line."

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