Sunday, December 12, 2004

Essential Eclipse – A Visual Tutorial for the 21st Century

Essential Eclipse – A Visual Tutorial for the 21st Century
Have you ever noticed that it's seems so much easier to learn something if someone shows you how. Most people try to learn a graphical user interface (GUI) tool by reading a book. Knowing all too well that if someone just sat down and showed them, it'll take less time and be much less excruciating. CodeAudit has a new solution for this in its Visual Tutorial series. It has just released "Essential Eclipse – The Visual Tutorial". The tutorial targets developers who already know Java however are interested in improving their productivity by leveraging the Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE) developed by IBM.

The Visual Tutorial is not a book. Why should it be a book? It simply does not make sense for anyone to read a book to train themselves on how to use a GUI. A computer with visual instruction can more effectively show you how to do things. The visual experience is a faster learning experience and is easier to recall than reading a book. 'A picture is worth a thousand words', that's true 500 years ago and should still be true today.

The Visual Tutorial is comprehensive, it doesn't waste time regurgitating concepts developers already know. Rather it covers all essential tasks for improving the productivity of developing code in Java. It covers working views and perspectives, workbench organization, java quick tips, testing and debugging, refactoring and version control. There's also additional material for advanced topics like Test Driven Development(TDD).

The Visual Tutorial is tightly integrated with the Eclipse environment. It can be browsed and searched from the help menu. It can be accessed quickly from any part of the workbench using the 'infopop' feature. This gives you more than one way to learn the content: either from a linear step-by-step approach or a non-linear on-demand only-when-you-need-it approach. Furthermore, Unlike a book, there's no need to remember where you last placed it, information is always available at your fingertips.

In a rapidly changing world, books are too static and can't keep up. It takes too long from author to the book store and finally to your fingertips. Instead of having to buy multiple books on the same topic to keep updated, you only need a subscription to the Visual Tutorial and you'll get a year's worth of upgrades. All transmitted via the web.

The Visual Tutorial costs less than what you normally would pay for a book. In addition, it's a subscription where you receive a year's worth of upgrades and access to the latest tips and tricks.

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