Wednesday, December 08, 2004

New Eclipse Plug-In Provides Window To Web Services

New Eclipse Plug-In Provides Window To Web Services
IBM announced an Eclipse plug-in for interactive visualization of Web services transactions.

Called the Web Services Navigator, the product allows users to visualize the actual execution of Web service transaction, such as those found in service-oriented architectures (SOAs). It addresses the complexity of understanding and debugging complex collections of Web services by visualizing logs of Web service activity from IBM WebSphere application servers collected by a Web service data collector. This companion technology will be announced separately.

Users gain perspective on their Web service application through four new interactive views messages and transactions, including: a service topology view that highlights the services that participated in the transactions, and summarizes the messages they exchange; a transaction flows view diagrams the flow of messages from service to service; a flow patterns view exposes repeated patterns of service interactions between transactions; and a message contents view shows the actual contents of individual messages, and tracks selected data values through transactions.

The Web Services Navigator package consists of a plug-in for Eclipse 3 or Rational Application Develop 6, as well as a collection of sample logs.

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