Monday, December 06, 2004

Poseidon Integrated Into Eclipse

Poseidon Integrated Into Eclipse
Gentleware AG, maker of the world renowned UML (Unified Modeling Language) tool Poseidon for UML, introduced its new Major Release 3.0 to the community, notably including integration into the open Eclipse development environment. With this release Gentleware places its commitments to Eclipse in the forefront and has chosen a strategically valuable open source platform, which has already been established as a quasi-standard among developers. With this advance, the Hamburg software firm paves new ways for customers to integrate and work with other tools in conjunction with Poseidon for UML within the Eclipse environment.

The integration of Poseidon for UML in Eclipse marks another milestone in the development of the user friendly tool. The connection to the open
source-based development environment is of the greatest importance for many developers worldwide because working with different programming languages and tools in fact requires multiple development environments. With the integrated development environment of Eclipse, the Poseidon user can effortlessly utilize more tools and languages in a single environment, namely Eclipse, to maintain and synchronize code and model in one consolidated project. The previous method of importing and exporting code from other tools and UML models has now been reduced to the single push of a button within Eclipse.

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