Thursday, January 06, 2005

CA joins Eclipse Foundation

CA joins Eclipse Foundation
[Johannesburg, 5 January 2005] - Computer Associates International, Inc. and the Eclipse Foundation today announced that CA has joined the Eclipse Foundation and will contribute code to the Eclipse Test and Performance Tools Platform (TPTP) Top-Level Project. CA has also been appointed by the TPTP Project Management Committee (PMC) as the TPTP Monitoring Tools Project Lead.

“We are delighted to have CA contribute to the success of the Eclipse Platform and the TPTP Project,” said Mike Milinkovich, executive director of the Eclipse Foundation. “The commitment of global companies like CA demonstrates the momentum behind our initiatives and importance of our work for the IT community.”

The Eclipse TPTP Project extends the family of Eclipse technologies to provide an open development platform for supplying frameworks and services for software test and performance tools used throughout the lifecycle to support the full spectrum of computing systems – from standalone through highly-distributed, and from embedded to enterprise. As the Project Lead for TPTP Monitoring Tools Project, CA will play an important role in advancing and fulfilling the charter of TPTP.

“Joining the Eclipse Foundation underscores CA's commitment to embrace the open source paradigm,” said Yogesh Gupta, senior vice president and chief technology officer at CA. “CA will work closely with the Eclipse community to broaden the spectrum of the test and performance tools available on the Eclipse Platform.”

CA has worked closely with the Eclipse Project to fully integrate CA's AllFusion Harvest Change Manager with Eclipse 3.0. AllFusion Harvest Change Manager manages all stages of the software life cycle to improve the quality, reliability and auditability of both traditional and web-based applications to streamline the development process. Access and use of AllFusion Harvest Change Manager from any Eclipse environment provides a single point of control for changes, automates resource tracking, helps to satisfy audit and government requirements for record-keeping and management reporting, and increases programmer productivity.

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