Thursday, January 13, 2005

Model-Driven Development with Visual Paradigm for UML

Model-Driven Development with Visual Paradigm for UML
Visual Paradigm is pleased to announce the release of the Smart Development Environment (SDE) for Eclipse 2.0, a plug-in of Eclipse for model-driven development with Unified Model Language (UML).

Visual Paradigm embeds itself to Eclipse to provide a unified modeling and development environment, dramatically increase the speed of requirement capturing, analysis, design, development, testing and deployment for software architects, analyst, designer and developers using Eclipse.

Smart Development Environment for Eclipse 2.0 is an all-in-one solution for model-driven development. SDE for Eclipse supports the latest standards of Java and UML 2.0 notations and provides the industry’s full round-trip code generation and code reverse engineering support for Java in a unified modeling and implementation environment with Eclipse. In addition, SDE for Eclipse features Team collaboration and requirement capturing. The transition from requirement capturing to analysis, analysis to design and then to implementation are seamlessly integrated within the CASE tool, thus significantly reducing efforts in all stages of the software development life cycle.

SDE for Eclipse is now Unified Modelling Language (UML) 2.0 ready! SDE for Eclipse users can now model applications with all the 13 UML diagrams and latest UML notations. New UML diagram types like Composite Structure Diagram, Timing Diagram and new notations such as Part, Port, Connector; State Entry/Exit Point and more are supported.

Real-time or on demand, Round-trip incremental model and source code synchronization is one of the main features in SDE for Eclipse. SDE for Eclipse helps transform Class models into Java source code and also support the reverse engineering from Java source code to UML Diagrams. The navigation between model and code is fast and simple. You don’t need to switch back and forth between Eclipse and the UML tool, which greatly increases the productivity of software development. SDE for Eclipse adopts the same user interface as Eclipse, which reduces the learning curve, and you can perform UML modeling in your familiar working environment.

When several team members work on the same project, version control is always a major concern. The time and effort spent on merging the works of each team member is very expensive, and is very risky that the previous works may be overwritten by the new changes. Visual Paradigm's Teamwork Server automates these complex development processes. Unlike some other teamwork system, you don't need to specify what you will change while checking out the project. All the changes made by different developers can be merged by the VP Teamwork Server automatically. Users can specify how to resolve the conflicts when it occurs.

Textual analysis is a useful and handy technique for capturing system requirement and identifying candidate classes. CRC card is a traditional way for identifying classes, responsibilities and collaborations of objects in an object-oriented system. SDE for Eclipse is the only UML CASE tool that supports the above facilities. Together with Use Case modeling facility, SDE for Eclipse’s superior requirement capturing facilities establish a stable basis for continuing the whole software development process.

SDE for Eclipse is available and well-tested in platforms including Windows, Linux and Java Desktop.

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