Thursday, March 17, 2005

BEA Joins Eclipse Foundation

BEA Joins Eclipse Foundation
BEA Systems has announced that it is joining Eclipse Foundation as a board nember and strategic developer and has offered to lead the Web Tools Platform (WTP) project.

The offer was accepted by Eclipse with the election of a BEA senior architect to the WTP Project Management Committee as co-lead. In addition, BEA is proposing a new Language Development Tools project and merging its open source AspectWerkz project with the Eclipse AspectJ project.

With these roles, BEA will actively participate in the foundation's technological innovation and drive Java industry convergence around the Eclipse development platform.

While the Eclipse Foundation currently counts 91 companies in its membership, only eight of these companies are strategic developers. BEA will take a lead role in the WTP project, which develops tooling infrastructure to support J2EE and Web-enabled application development, with a plan to incorporate WTP capabilities into future releases of BEA WebLogic Workshop.

The next version of BEA WebLogic Workshop, code-named "Daybreak" will offer a broad enterprise development environment framework for the development of service-oriented architectures, along with Eclipse tooling framework and plug-ins.

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