Monday, March 14, 2005

BEA, Sybase, and Borland to Deepen Involvement with Eclipse Foundation-

BEA, Sybase, and Borland to Deepen Involvement with Eclipse Foundation
The number of companies jumping on the Eclipse bandwagon has been growing at a furious pace since it gained official independence from IBM last year. Twenty-six companies joined the Eclipse Foundation in 2004, bumping that organization's roster to 82 members, including strategic developers, add-in providers, and associate members.

Two more companies disclosed plans last week to deepen their involvement with Eclipse, and another is expected to make an announcement this week.

On Tuesday, BEA confirmed rumors that it would join the foundation as a strategic partner and board member. The San Jose, CA-based infrastructure company is joining for the first time, but it has been involved with the foundation since last June, when it announced Project Pollinate, an Eclipse-based development environment and toolset designed to integrate with Apache Beehive. (BEA donated the application framework in its WebLogic Workshop Java IDE, code-named Beehive, to the Apache Software Foundation last May.)

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