Monday, March 14, 2005

Borland Plans to Innovate Atop Eclipse IDE

Borland Plans to Innovate Atop Eclipse IDE
Borland said it will innovate around the Eclipse open-source development platform just as it does for Microsoft's Visual Studio and other core development environments.

During a press conference at the EclipseCon 2005 conference here Tuesday, Raaj Shinde, vice president of product strategy and architecture at Borland Software Corp., said the company would continue to support its JBuilder Java-based IDE (integrated development environment) as well as support the Eclipse IDE and Microsoft Corp.'s Visual Studio .Net platform.

Essentially, the company is looking at the IDE as a commodity.

In a session here Wednesday entitled "The Death of the IDE—Long Live the IDE," Borland executives discussed how the Eclipse platform could be the "beginning of a framework that will live across many epochs to come," said David Intersimone, vice president of developer relations and chief evangelist at Borland.

Intersimone said Eclipse is reaching critical mass with thousands and thousands of extensions and dozens of sites listing Eclipse plug-ins, and that Eclipse has essentially commoditized the IDE space, so companies like Borland need to innovate above the IDE.

"One thing we think they've done very well is to focus on foundation capabilities, not products, but foundation projects," said Patrick Kerpan, Borland's chief technology officer. Indeed, "This might be the end of the constant retooling we've gone through over the years for each evolutionary step of software engineering," Kerpan said.

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