Monday, March 14, 2005

Borland To Expand Support For Eclipse Platform

Borland To Expand Support For Eclipse Platform
Borland Software, provider of software applications, has announced a significant expansion in the company's support for Eclipse, an open-source community and universal development platform supporting multiple languages, deployment platforms and technologies.

Borland will play a new leadership role in advancing Eclipse technology by joining the Eclipse foundation board of directors as a strategic developer. The company will also commit a full-time development team to expand the Eclipse platform and contribute to areas such as modeling, that play an important role in Borland's vision for software delivery optimization.

Pat Kerpan, chief technology officer at Borland, said, "Since joining the organization as a founding member, we've seen Eclipse evolve into something that is much more than just an integrated development environment (IDE). Eclipse and IDEs in general have evolved from simply being a feature container into a new kind of development platform, a platform on which companies like Borland are building high-value ALM capabilities that make software development more manageable, predictable, efficient and successful.'

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