Thursday, March 17, 2005

Eclipse project adopts web services to improve quality

Eclipse project adopts web services to improve quality
An open source application lifecycle management (ALM) project is adopting web services as part of a move to raise the quality threshold of tools it produces.

The Eclipse Foundation's Test and Performance Tools Platform (TPTP) is wrapping a series of agents, which talk to systems, in web services and also planning a centralized bus written in Business Process Execution Language (BPEL).

Mike Norman, chief executive of TPTP member Scapa Technologies, said customers could potentially mix and match TPTP's BPEL architecture with business processes they have that are also written in BPEL to integrate their business and software infrastructure.

The move comes as the TPTP moves away from an initial goal, which was to deliver a set of rather basic ALM tools that it hoped would be too low-level to "threaten" other tools vendors, thereby ensuring their participating in the project.

Norman, speaking at last week's EclipseCon 2005 event in Burlingame, California, said: "We wanted to build a constituency of vendors who didn't feel threatened by good tools coming out of the box."

He added: "We made the wrong decision, and said tools should be good. We are in the process of making them exemplary and extensible. We expect adoption to grow."

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