Friday, March 04, 2005

Enerjy Pioneers ZIP Approach to Java Development Tools

Enerjy Pioneers ZIP Approach to Java Development Tools
Drawing on his more than 20 years experience in the software industry, Enerjy CEO Nigel Cheshire spoke with SYS-CON.TV at Web Services Edge 2005 recently about Enerjy's philosophy, about the Java market for development tools in the age of Eclipse and IDE "rationalization," and about Enerjy's exciting plans in the visualization software space.

Asked what the overall philosophy of Enerjy was, Cheshire explained how the mindset of the Enerjy engineers from the get-go was to provide Java developers with easy to use tools that help to improve the code without being intrusive.

"People like tools," Cheshire explained to SYS-CON Media publisher Jeremy Geelan, "since they increase the quality of the software they're working with. But they won't stand for such tools making changes in their process."

Accordingly, he continued, "Enerjy has always concentrated on delivering value to developers without having any impact on their day-to-day processes." The company has even, said Cheshire, devised the obligatory three-letter acronym to encapsulate this philosophy. Enerjy calls it the ZIP approach, for "Zero Impact on Process."

"Enerjy's tools sit there as part of your Integrated Development Environment, quietly adding value," Cheshire observed.

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