Thursday, March 17, 2005

ILOG Launches First Comprehensive Graphics Toolkit for Eclipse

ILOG Launches First Comprehensive Graphics Toolkit for Eclipse
ILOG, a leading provider of enterprise-class software components and services, today announced the first commercial Java graphics toolkit to support the widely adopted Eclipse Platform – the ILOG JViews™ 6.5 family of products. The Eclipse Platform is an open extensible integrated development environment (IDE) that provides building blocks and a foundation for constructing and using integrated software-development tools. With the release of ILOG JViews 6.5, ILOG underscores its ongoing commitment to important standards bringing feature-rich displays to an even broader base of developers’ worldwide.

“The rate at which Eclipse has grown over the past two years - its adoption and influence - has been extraordinary, and we’re thrilled that ILOG is basing its rich, graphical displays on Eclipse,” said Mike Milinkovich, executive director, Eclipse Foundation. “With tools like JViews, we anticipate the Eclipse growth rate to gain even more momentum allowing developers to go from A to Z with displays that convey more and better information than before.”

In this latest release, ILOG takes advantage of a new “bridge” which enables developers of Eclipse user interfaces to include Java-based display components. Software developers now can embed rich, graphical Java displays such as charts, diagrams, maps, and schedule displays into their Eclipse-based applications.

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