Thursday, March 17, 2005

Java Interop “Critical,” Says Eclipse Exec

Java Interop “Critical,” Says Eclipse Exec
Java interoperability with other languages, including .NET, XML and legacy, could also be another area where Milinkovich says Eclipse engineers will likely turn more attention in – within the limits of a developer “tooling” environment. Milinkovich told IDN that many Java/J2EE interop issues “are staring to stray into the ‘runtime’ world versus the ‘tooling’ world.” But he quickly conceded that “interoperability is critical for Java.”

Milinkovich put it this way: “Large greenfield applications for a Global 500 are extremely rare. Java developers need to integrate with both the existing infrastructure They need to integrate with the business infrastructure and business rules. Java is a good technology, but it’s not a silver bullet. I don’t care what technology you talk about over the last 20 years, even the best ones couldn’t do everything and Java isn’t different from that. It provides a great platform, but it’s not a panacea.”

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