Thursday, March 03, 2005

Microsoft debuts at Eclipse conference

Microsoft debuts at Eclipse conference
In an appearance guaranteed to raise eyebrows, Microsoft is next week scheduled to make its debut at the EclipseCon open source developers' conference.

Visual Studio lead program manager Jason Weber will explain to attendees of Eclipsecon, in Burlingame, California, how to build extensions for Microsoft's Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

Eclipsecon is the Eclipse Federation's annual conference for programmers using its open source tools framework for Java, C/C++, testing and performance, and Business Intelligence (BI).

Not only is Microsoft not a member of Eclipse, but many predict Visual Studio and .NET will rival Eclipse as the industry consolidates around two basic development environments. That view was reinforced this week, as BEA Systems Inc announced its is joining Eclipse after three years after the group was founded by BEA's Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) rival IBM Corp.

A spokesperson for Microsoft said the company is attending EclipseCon 2005 to connect with current and future partners.

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