Monday, March 14, 2005

Open-source group opens its doors to users

Open-source group opens its doors to users
The open-source Eclipse Foundation is planning to open its doors to users, instead of relying purely on large suppliers and developers.

At its EclipseCon 2005 conference this week in the US, the Foundation launched its Eclipse Roadmap v.1.0, which contains a number of references in the way the organisation now seeks to involve many more organisations in its work, including end-users.

Up to now, the Eclipse development platform had mainly been aimed at developers and suppliers to allow them to produce applications and tools that work with a wide variety of third-party systems.

This focus had recently been strengthened with the addition of Computer Associates, BEA, and Sophos onto the Eclipse board as strategic partners.

But with a variety of new form factors to include in Eclipse’s development work, such as mobile devices and multi-core processors, Eclipse is now seeking more enterprise input for its development work.

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