Saturday, March 19, 2005

Pantero's Software Prepped for Eclipse Development Environment and JBoss Server

Pantero's Software Prepped for Eclipse Development Environment and JBoss Server
Pantero Corporation, a provider of data integration software, today announced Pantero Release 1.3, making Pantero's software for semantic integration available for the Eclipse development environment and the JBoss application server. Pantero Release 1.3 reportedly adds support for these open-source platforms to Pantero's continuing integration with BEA and IBM software.

Pantero said this software enables business analysts and developers to create rules and services that deliver valid data in integration projects. Using a rich set of graphical tools, developers can import data schemas or models, map data from one representation to another, define rules to ensure validity and consistency, and define error handling behavior — typically without writing any code, and all of it captured as metadata, the comapny said. Implemented as Web services or Java controls, Pantero runtime software allows real-time applications to validate, transform, and exchange meaningful and valid business data, Pantero said.

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