Thursday, March 17, 2005

Wind River aims for open-source expansion

Wind River aims for open-source expansion
Wind River has proposed an expansion to make the Eclipse project for open-source programming tools more useful in the domain of embedded computing, which includes devices such as elevators, video recorders and car navigation systems.

Eclipse currently has six top-level projects in the works. Alameda, Calif.-based Wind River has proposed adding a seventh for embedded tools, an attempt to unify tools rather than requiring different embedded-software companies to reinvent the wheel.

The effort was one of several in the open-source arena that Wind River Chief Executive Ken Klein and Chief Marketing Officer John Bruggeman described Monday at a news conference here in conjunction with the Embedded Systems Conference. The Eclipse move will require Wind River to lead a software project and devote at least eight programmers to the work.

Wind River has struggled in the embedded-software market but in its most recent fiscal year returned to profitability. The company is remaking itself as an open-source ally, moving from its proprietary products to cooperatively developed software such as Eclipse and the Linux operating system.

A week ago, Eclipse project organizers said they planned to expand Eclipse into the embedded-software arena. But Wind River's effort isn't a shoo-in.

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