Thursday, April 28, 2005

Genomatica Deploys Versant Open Access JDO, Endorses Versant-Proposed Eclipse JSR220-ORM Project

Genomatica Deploys Versant Open Access JDO, Endorses Versant-Proposed Eclipse JSR220-ORM Project
Versant Corporation (Nasdaq: VSNT - News), an industry leader in specialized data management and data persistence software, today announced that Genomatica, a leading computational systems biology company, has deployed Versant Open Access JDO as a key component of SimPheny, their software platform for systems biology. Genomatica also endorses the proposed Eclipse JSR220-ORM project, which will be led by Versant. Versant Open Access JDO forms the initial code base of the proposed Eclipse JSR220-ORM project, resulting in a standards-based, open source, object-relational mapping (ORM) technology. Versant Open Access JDO was Genomatica's top choice for object-relational mapping, beating out several other standards-based solutions, and replacing an existing non-standard, object-relational mapping product. Genomatica also selected Versant to provide professional services to help convert their application. Genomatica believes that the Eclipse JSR220-ORM project is the best strategy for further developing this technology and expanding its use. Object-relational mapping is a software infrastructure that translates the data formats used in the object-oriented languages preferred by programmers to the relational structure of common databases.

"Versant Open Access JDO gives us the ability to transparently support complex mapping patterns and existing relational schema," explained Evelyn Travnik, chief software designer at Genomatica. "After our dissatisfaction with our previous object-relational mapping solution, the prospect that the technology will be part of a standards-based, open source solution in the Eclipse family is a big positive for us. The Eclipse community is one of the leading open source communities in Java, and brings a record of quality and success. Versant's professional services where also very helpful in getting our application converted to JSR220-ORM."

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