Saturday, April 30, 2005

IBM Tivoli plan knits in Rational tools | CNET

IBM Tivoli plan knits in Rational tools | CNET
IBM next month plans to highlight products from its Tivoli systems management division meant to reduce glitches in complex business applications.

he initiative, which will be detailed in May, aims to smooth out the process of making changes, such as updates or security patches, to applications, said Al Zollar, general manager of the Tivoli division. Zollar took over as chief of IBM Software's Tivoli division after heading up Big Blue's iSeries mid-range server and Lotus divisions.

The products, which will be released this year, are being developed by Tivoli but will draw on existing software in IBM's Rational tools division, he said.

"One of the things that's important, from an IBM perspective, is that we are bringing together capabilities and assets that many competitors don't have," Zollar said.

The intent behind the forthcoming product announcement is to provide tools that allow programmers to add useful management information to business applications during the development process, he said. For example, a developer could set an application's desired performance thresholds and security policies in application code.

The products will be released as plug-ins to the Eclipse software, which allows IT professionals to use different tools via a single user interface.

The new Tivoli management tools will be particularly useful for complex business applications that include several components and that also might be running on different machines, he said.

"We've created a standardized way of using XML to create (program) package definitions that include the ability to check dependencies and have that drive the provisioning engine of Tivoli," said Zollar.

Other Eclipse plug-ins under development will be aimed at monitoring applications.

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