Monday, April 25, 2005

Two Object Relational Mapping Projects Proposed for Eclipse

Two Object Relational Mapping Projects Proposed for Eclipse
Hot on the heels of Oracle’s recent announcement of its proposed Eclipse project to support the Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) 3.0 specification, Versant, a data management company, has proposed an Eclipse initiative that appears to stake out the same territory.

The Versant proposal would provide an implementation of its object-relational mapping (ORM) technology that is 100 percent compliant with the EJB 3.0 specification (JSR 220) and the Java Data Objects spec (JSR 243), integrated with the Eclipse platform.

The Oracle project aims to build an open-source EJB 3.0 ORM tool that focuses on design-time tooling and supports deployment to any J2EE-compatible application server.

The Oracle project will be based on its Toplink mapping workbench, which is the design-time developer tool used for object-to-relational mapping, says Dennis Leung, VP of development in Oracle’s application server group. The project will not include the Toplink runtime, Leung says.

The Versant project, JSR220-ORM, will be based the previously commercial implementation of the Versant Open Access product, which is now open source. The Versant plan also involves tracking the changes to these specifications, so that as they merge in the future toward a common persistence standard, it will be fully implemented by this project. Additionally, Versant plans to provide visual development tools that facilitate round-trip engineering when using the JSR 220/243 approach to persistence.

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