Thursday, May 19, 2005

IBM plans Eclipse-based Data Integration Toolset

IBM plans Eclipse-based Data Integration Toolset
There’s been a lot of talk about what IBM’s billion-dollar acquisition of data integration specialist Ascential Software Corp. might mean for customers, but little speculation about what’s in store for programmers.

There’s a good chance the combined IBM and Ascential technology stack will be a codejockey-friendly environment.

Eric Sall, program director for information integration with IBM, says Big Blue plans to deliver a converged set of development tools, based on the open-source Eclipse framework, which allow developers to work interchangeably with IBM’s Information Integrator federated data access and Ascential’s own DataStage data integration technologies.

“We have a joint group of architects and engineers planning what we can do. One idea is a converged set of tools, so we could provide a unified Information Integrator user experience, and a common application development tooling framework between [Information Integrator and DataStage],” he explains.

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