Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Accelerated Technology's Nucleus EDGE Embedded Development Environment Supports MIPS Architecture



Accelerated Technology, a Mentor Graphics division (Nasdaq:MENT), today announced that its Eclipse-powered Nucleus(R) EDGE software development environment is now available for the MIPS32(R) and MIPS64(R) architectures from MIPS Technologies. With the Nucleus software, developers using the 4K(R), 4KE(TM), 5K(R) and 24K(R) core families for digital entertainment and multimedia applications have a tightly integrated development environment in which to more quickly and easily build products to better meet market demand.

"Our customers need to accelerate their time to market in order to excel in the highly competitive digital consumer space," said Russ Bell, vice president of marketing for MIPS Technologies. "Leveraging the industry-leading MIPS architecture and the Nucleus EDGE software environment allows designers to meet and exceed their development objectives and deliver superior products."

"This new development environment consists of MIPS Technologies optimized software, including SDE compiler and MIPSsim(TM) instruction set simulator, integrated into the industry-standard Eclipse platform," said Robert Day, director of marketing, Accelerated Technology Division, Mentor Graphics. "Combined with our Nucleus EDGE software, developers of MIPS-Based SoCs now get the most complete embedded tool chain, ranging from high-level UML design tools, down to advanced debugging and profiling tools, all working seamlessly together under the Eclipse framework."

The Eclipse-based Nucleus EDGE software includes an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) that provides tutorials and demos to guide users through the development process. The user interface (UI) is also more responsive, permitting users to interact with the GUI while the Nucleus EDGE software is busy running background tasks such as building the user application. This is particularly useful when debugging large applications with multiple cores, as engineers typically focus on different parts of their application, concurrently.

The Nucleus EDGE software contains an advanced project manager, complete with an editor and builder that helps users automate their build process. Developers can now set up one or more build environments by specifying the compiler and build options, giving total control over multiple projects and allowing for quick and easy revisions of their embedded systems. This advanced build system is fully integrated with the MIPS SDE compiler, and allows other command line-based tools to be plugged in as well.

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