Thursday, May 26, 2005

Prosilog announces Magillemo V3.0

Prosilog announces Magillemo V3.0
Prosilog SA, a leading provider of innovative solutions for SoC design and verification, announces a major new release 3.0 of its Magillem platform based design tool. This release combines advanced features to enable faster platform based designs with the support of the Eclipse* open development environment.

Magillem V3.0 is leveraging the powerful plug-ins capabilities from the Eclipse framework combined with an internal data structure API in order to deliver a consistent user interface for the designer. Within Magillem V3.0, developers still benefit from the SPIRIT Packager module, that provides capabilities to generate a SPIRIT** 1.1 compliant XML from their current VHDL/Verilog IPs source and specifications files.

Moreover, as a SPIRIT based design environment, Magillem V3.0 ensures that all requirements for IP reuse and integration are being taken into account. Creating and manipulating SPIRIT attributes of a design is handled through schematic or scripting interfaces.
Integrating third-party generators becomes easier thanks to the SPIRIT schema; designers have the capability to use their already existing generators associated to their IPs, thus getting a greater flexibility and automation to fit with their current design practices.

As an active participant in the SPIRIT ESL Working Group, defining the SPIRIT TLM specification, Prosilog is currently adapting Magillem and the SPIRIT Packager module to support SPIRIT 2.0 XML specification when it is released.

“ With the latest release of Magillem, our customers have a solid and powerful multi-platform environment which allows them to package, interconnect IPs and generate their design,” says Marcel Saussay CEO of Prosilog.

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