Monday, May 30, 2005

M7® Debuts NitroX™ JSF IDE for Eclipse

M7® Debuts NitroX™ JSF IDE for Eclipse
M7 Corporation, Inc., the leader in web application development tools based on open source and open standard technologies, today introduced NitroX JSF IDE. NitroX was created to be the most comprehensive tool to meet the needs of professional Java™ developers building web applications based on open standards such as JSF, Struts and JSP. As open source and open standard technologies have continued to thrive, M7 has continued to deliver professional tools to support the development for these open standards. NitroX JSF IDE provides the following key benefits:

Synchronized and Simultaneous Source and Visual JSF Development
NitroX extends its critically acclaimed visual editor to support WYSIWYG development with JSF components within JavaServer Pages. JSF components can be visualized at design time with support for drag/drop of JSF CORE and JSF HTML tag libraries and includes context sensitive wizards that assist in the creation of new artifacts.

Intelligent Context Sensitive JSF Source Editor
NitroX AppXRay™ extends the intelligent level of code completion and error checking efficiency to JSF development within the source editor. Code completion, error checking and validation of JSF components are readily available including intelligence of variables and methods of related managed beans. Hyperlink-style navigation (AppXnavigator™) is expanded to support the JSF framework thereby making navigation through the various elements, a trivial task.

JavaServer Faces Configuration
NitroX offers a Navigation and Forms editor views for the faces-config.xml configuration file. Both editors benefit from the depth of intelligence that AppXRay provides and the unique ability of simultaneously synchronized, 2-way, source and visual editing.

Reaction from Developers
”I have been looking at IDE's that support JSF technology for some time. M7's NitroX for JSF provides both drag-and-drop capabilities as well as maintaining a strong ability to work with the underlying code easily. NitroX for JSF is by far the easiest IDE I've used for JSF development. Its JSP editor with split code/screen capabilities actually make developing JSP/JSF pages enjoyable. The debugging of your application from the JSP page itself down into the guts of the code makes problem resolution much easier.”
- Lee M Seidel, Manager, EC/Web Enterprises, Capital BlueCross

"Web development these days requires knowledge of a plethora of different artifacts. Unfortunately, most tools don't understand how those artifacts are related. M7's NitroX for JSF has a keen understanding of your project, and it lets you know when something is out of synch. Add in a nice WYSIWYG editor, two-way tools, and Eclipse support, and you've got a winning package. Once you begin working with a tool this smart, it's hard to go back."
Kito D. Mann, editor-in-chief, JSF Central

Pricing and Availability
NitroX JSF IDE is priced at $499. A new purchase includes a one-year subscription for product updates, bug fixes and includes major version upgrades of the product that become available during the term of the subscription. No version games, just pure productivity. To purchase, please visit: or contact M7 Sales at email protected from spam bots (1.866.770.9770).
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