Wednesday, April 05, 2006

CoWare Expands into Software with Eclipse-Based IDE


CoWare, which specializes in platform-driven electronic system-level (ESL) design software and services, has announced its new Virtual Platform product family.

CoWare Virtual Platform product family delivers new tools and technologies that support the creation, distribution, and use of virtual hardware platforms for device software development and validation. Virtual hardware platforms are models of the device hardware and the environment they evolve in, and are suitable for the development and validation of an entire device software stack up to the application level, the company says. They also enable electronics companies to engage more effectively with their customers and ecosystem partners. The solution is integrated with and supports the CoWare platform-driven ESL strategy.

Traditional software development and validation solutions have either been non-representative of the device hardware, too slow, available too late, or have not provided enough hardware controllability and observability, CoWare says. Virtual hardware platforms provide fast execution speed, scalability, early availability, unprecedented hardware controllability, observability, determinism, and easy distribution.

LynuxWorks joins Eclipse Foundation: News from LynuxWorks


LynuxWorks will initially support the Eclipse open source community by helping increase an industry focus on Eclipse based embedded development products while evaluating how the company can leverage some of its own products into relevant Eclipse projects. Prior to officially joining the foundation, LynuxWorks was an early adopter of the Eclipse framework.

The company's Eclipse based product called Luminosity is a full-featured Java-based integrated development environment (IDE) and was released in 2005.

Designed to accelerate time to market for embedded system developers, Luminosity supports LynuxWorks comprehensive portfolio of open standards based operating systems including LynxOS 4.x, BlueCat Linux 5.x and LynxOS-178 solutions.

In addition to developing products based on the Eclipse framework, LynuxWorks' executive evangelism for the foundation has been gaining steady momentum.

LynuxWorks Chairman and CEO Dr Inder Singh has publicly supported the Eclipse ideology in various industry articles.

In addition, Robert Day, Vice President of Marketing for LynuxWorks, has been very active as Co-chair of the Eclipse Embedded Workgroup, has published several articles on the Eclipse framework and will also be presenting a paper titled: 'Eclipse: under the hood' at the Embedded Systems Conference in Silicon Valley.

SoftLanding Completes Transition to Eclipse-Based Technology


"It's clear that all iSeries development will move from PDM to WDSC," says Steve Gapp, CEO of SoftLanding Systems. That's confidence. And that's not in short supply when Gapp is talking about his company's embrace of WebSphere. SoftLanding has just put the wraps on TurnOver Change Management's transition to Eclipse-based technology. The move has put the company and its change management software in a sweet spot if WDSC becomes the development environment of choice for iSeries shops.

For those unfamiliar with change management software, it is used to establish and automate repeatable processes for software development, including issue tracking, project management, development, and deployment.

"Our early experiences with the Eclipse framework proved to us that this technology brings very tangible benefits to iSeries developers," Gapp says. "Now the entire TurnOver solution can be accessed through a stand-alone client or as a plug-in to any Eclipse-based IDE (integrated development environment). The consistency between the two interfaces makes it easier for TurnOver users to move to WDSC (WebSphere Development Studio Client for iSeries) or RAD. They're already familiar with the environment."

Eclipse IDE Gains More Members, Plug-ins

Source: Integration Developers News

The Eclipse IDE received a wave of new members, plug-ins and core technology contributions. The latest Eclipse offerings offer support for debugging, business intelligence, build management, prototyping, and even plans to add modeling UIs and forms. IDN provides a shopping list and links to all the free downloads, where available.

The new Eclipse plug-ins and memberships were announced at last month’s EclipseCon2006.

Klocwork Teams up with QNX Softare Systems for IDE Integration


Alliance Will Provide Joint Customers with a Single Integrated Embedded Development Environment to Enable Top Quality and Design

Klocwork Inc., the proven leader in automated software solutions that improve software security and quality, today announced an alliance with QNX Software Systems to deliver joint customers with access to Klocwork's K7 static analysis tools from the QNX(R) Momentics(R) development suite. QNX Software Systems provides real-time operating system software, development tools, and services for building secure, reliable, high-performance embedded applications. Through its support for the Eclipse IDE environment, Klocwork K7 is designed to seamlessly integrate into industry-leading Eclipse-based integrated development environments (IDEs), like the QNX Momentics suite, as well as customers' existing software development processes.