Thursday, June 09, 2005

Another passenger on the Eclipse bandwagon

Macromedia has joined the growing masses busily porting their top-end development tools to the Eclipse platform.

In a flurry of press releases and publicity on its website, Macromedia this week announced the Flash Platform, which really isn't anything new -- just a, er, flashy reminder of everything that Flash can do.

What is new, and of particular interest to Java developers, is the news that the next-generation development tool (codenamed "Zorn") to replace Macromedia's custom-built Flex Builder IDE will be based on the Eclipse platform.

Flex is a platform for rapidly developing Web applications that use rich, Flash-based interfaces generated on-the-fly on the server side, and that interact in real time with server-side applications, typically written in Java. Although this is an amazingly slick and powerful development environment, I think it's safe to say that uptake has been slow among Java developers, who are typically reluctant to leave their development tools of choice to try a custom IDE.

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