Wednesday, June 29, 2005

BEA heads further down open source, Eclipse paths

Like every other major software vendor that wants a piece of the Java action, or has a piece of the Java action to protect, BEA is another company that’s looking to manage its presence in an increasingly open source world while hoping to preserve the once lush pastures of the old and tired commercial software model. Like Oracle, which announced at the show that it will now give start giving its integrated development environment JDeveloper away for free, BEA already gives away its IDE known as Workshop. Whereas JDeveloper remains on the same Oracle technology-based foundation it has always been, BEA announced earlier this year that WorkShop would be ported to run on the Eclipse Foundation’s Eclipse Framework – the same framework behind the Eclipse IDE. According to BEA's CTO Mark Carges, the newly found synchronicity between Eclipse and BEA’s WorkShop makes it easier to leverage a single plug-in architecture (something customers apparently requested) while at the same time making some quasi-open source plays in the Java community.

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