Monday, June 06, 2005

Eclipse Foundation Launches New Web Infrastructure to Support the Expanding Eclipse Community Reports:

The Eclipse Foundation today announced a major infrastructure upgrade of the Eclipse community web site ( This upgrade was made possible through contributions of hardware and software from HP, IBM, Intel and Novell. Due to increased Web traffic and download rates among the burgeoning Eclipse open source community,’s web infrastructure has been redesigned to scale for growth and ensure high availability for the entire community.

With approximately 1.2 million page views on an average day and 10 terabytes of data transferred per month, the previous infrastructure for the site was under a constant strain. As more companies join the Eclipse Foundation and Eclipse technologies gain adoption across the industry, it was clear that a major change to the infrastructure was necessary. A new product release of Eclipse-based open source projects, such as the upcoming Eclipse 3.1 Platform launch, could cause massive surges in traffic and bring downloads to a standstill. With the new architecture, throughput is greatly increased as are the expanded capabilities needed for periods of high traffic.

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