Monday, July 11, 2005

Sun's Keller: No plans to join Eclipse

Source: JavaWorld


Joe Keller is vice president of marketing for Java Web Services and Tools at Sun Microsystems, responsible for driving the company's product direction in these areas. Previously, he was involved in the company's iPlanet division, where he minded integration and commerce application technologies. Before joining Sun, he managed the sale of artificial intelligence products at Texas Instruments. InfoWorld Editor at Large Paul Krill spoke with Keller at the JavaOne conference in San Francisco about where Java is today and where it is headed, along with touching on the progress of Web services and ongoing questions about whether Sun might join the Eclipse Foundation.

InfoWorld: There was a lot of talk this morning about the NetBeans open source tools platform. I think it could be argued that NetBeans doesn't really have the reception in the market that Eclipse does, although some would disagree with that. So where is NetBeans headed?

Keller: We're going to continue to invest in NetBeans. We think there is room for choice in development tools and we'll continue to drive that. We'll continue to be, if you will, supportive of Java communities, like Eclipse and others. We think there is room for a development tool that provides functionality for those developing for all of the Java platforms. So we'll continue to invest in NetBeans, and I think you saw a number of demonstrations of that technology supporting development of applications for the Java Micro Edition platform. Earlier in the week, you saw continuing support for developers who are looking for an easy-to-develop tool set in Java Studio Creator. And you saw the movement forward [of] our enterprise developers in a number of different projects.

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