Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Eclipse Test and Performance Tools Platform 4.0 Released

Source: TMCNet.com


Eclipse Test and Performance Tools Platform 4.0 Released - Available on Yoxos; Open Source Testing and Performance Tuning for Eclipse - Accessible on Yoxos and new Eclipse Mirror

In coordination with the recent 4.0 release of the Eclipse Test & Performance Tools Platform (TPTP), Innoopract announced the availability of TPTP 4.0 in its Yoxos Eclipse Distribution. TPTP extends the recently published Eclipse 3.1 development platform with tools for profiling, system monitoring, log file analysis and testing of multi-tiered applications. Yoxos provides Eclipse users an efficient and easy way to keep their Eclipse installations up-to-date. Eclipse users will be able to install or update the features they want from TPTP with just a few clicks through the Yoxos Install Manager. The TPTP features will be grouped according to the three functions of Monitoring, Testing, Tracing and Profiling.

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