Thursday, August 04, 2005

Software development now 'Mission Impossible'



Software development has been an increasingly complex and dynamic activity. Teams frequently perform parallel development on the same application, and multiple versions of applications need to be supported and run on different machines and operating systems. With the roll-out of roles-based software development tools from Borland, IBM and Microsoft, it is now "mission possible" to make application development a repeatable business process.

Eclipse also plays a key role in IBM Rational’s Atlantic release, which Borland’s Core SDP is pitted against. Based on the open Eclipse 3.0 development framework, the new platform is designed to enable both corporate and third-party developers to craft complementary offers that will bolster IBM’s existing software development offerings.

“You’ll see a theme of the Eclipse environment as the integration framework that’s really integrating across the whole technology base” for IBM and Rational tools and for other products as well, said Mike Devlin, general manager of Rational Software in the IBM Software Group. IBM acquired Rational in 2003.

Officially released in October 2004, Atlantic has been heralded as the next major release of the IBM Software Development Platform, which features IBM’s and Rational’s tools.

“IBM has reaffirmed its commitment to the development environment that it released to the community by using Eclipse as the foundation for all its tooling. Having a common platform, interface and integration framework certainly gives credence to the company’s claim of being able to implement deep integration,” said Bola Rotibi of research firm Ovum.

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