Saturday, November 05, 2005

Eclipse Everywhere Buah

Source: php architect - The PHP Magazine for PHP Professionals


Alexander Kirk has a new post that talks about Zends PHP Framework.

It’s been a little quiet lately. This is because I am working on a cute little project that I will be able to present soon. More when the time is ready.

There has been rumor lately that Zend (developer of PHP) will release a PHP Framework. This is nothing new, there has been a IDE (Zend ) for a long time now. But it will be based on Eclipse.

Also Macromedia announced that their new Flex 2.0 environment (Flashbuilder) will be based on Eclispe.

Why on earth Eclipse?! I think this is the most slowest IDEs available. It’s based on Java which makes it incredibly slow already and it’s so blown up that it’s unbelievable.

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