Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Eclipse.org Data Tools Project DTP Gets Started



The Eclipse Data Tools Platform (DTP) project is a new top-level project at eclipse.org. Originally proposed by Sybase in February, 2005, DTP has attracted strong community support and is currently managed by a committee comprised of Sybase, IBM and Actuate. Since DTP is in the early milestone phase, this is an opportune time to explain the motivation and current plans of DTP to the Eclipse community at large. Doing so will provide valuable context to interested parties ? both potential consumers and contributors ? and enable additional community involvement at this crucial formative stage.

Motivation for DTP

In a very short time span Eclipse has become a premier development platform, and a vibrant ecosystem has grown around it. Built for extensibility from the start, Eclipse has enabled and nurtured extensions by providing solid technical, educational, and mindshare leadership in the development platform space. Indeed, it no longer is a question of whether Eclipse will succeed, but rather the extent to which it will prosper. A key element in this growth is the vibrant extender community.

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