Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Exadel: Navigating The Rocky Shoals of Open Source Development



Many organizations recognize and are embracing the economic benefits of choosing open source solutions to create business-critical enterprise applications. Open source software is reliable, secure, scalable and well suited for all types of enterprise business requirements when it has been correctly developed and deployed. The problem is that actually using open source to develop mission-critical business solutions is neither as simple nor as straightforward as open source vendors would have you believe.
While a plethora of open source technologies have come to market, few software vendors have thus far been able to deliver an open source software development model that economically fulfills the broad requirements of enterprise requirements. Too often, in an effort to win a competitive advantage using trendy technology, most software vendors seem to be more concerned with creating their own Eclipse plug-ins, or going for the glitz of cranking up speeds and feeds, or adding bells and whistles to "me-too" products, rather than take the less glamorous but more customer-specific approach that solves real business problems. Few can deliver the right affordable combination of open source tools, development environment, infrastructure, and services to actually help developers with varying skills and knowledge of open source to quickly solve real business problems. So it is refreshing to find that rare company with an innovative set of open source solutions and effective go-to-market services and expertise able to help organizations derive the benefits of using open source.

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