Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Nokia joins Eclipse board

Source: Computer Business Review


In the second such announcement in a couple weeks, Eclipse has once more expanded its board and started the wheels rolling on an expansion of its mission. Mobile handset maker Nokia is joining Eclipse as board member and strategic developer to lead a proposed project on developing tooling for Java ME (formerly J2ME), which supports mobile devices.

To date, mobile phone handsets have been one of Java's stronger niches, with most major manufacturers already using J2ME or brew, an unofficial Qualcomm framework, for their smart phones.

Although Nokia has not been an official member before this, it has participated in the Eclipse eRCP (Embedded Rich Client Platform) effort that offers plug-ins for developing more sophisticated clients for small footprint devices. Nokia is not the first mobile device or software vendor to join Eclipse. Others already part of the group include Palm, Symbian, and Motorola, along with NEC and Fujitsu, which include mobile products among their diverse product lines.

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